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Sponsor's & Potential Partners

To all Business people who are looking for Sponsorship deals or Potential partnerships. Please feel out the form and someone from our executive team will reach out to you about your inquiry. 

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  • What is BSEG?
    We are an up and coming Indianapolis E-sports Team. We are looking to build a community for all gamers to have fun and show there skills to the world.
  • How does someone reach out for a sponsorship
    All sponsers can reachout to us directly via this website. Simply go to the contact us section and leave us your info. And our team will reach out to you to move forward with the process.
  • How can I try out for the team?
    Tryouts will be posted both here on the website in our updates as well as on our facebook. Stay tuned.
  • What tournaments do you compete in?
    The main game we compete in right now is Naraka Bladepoint. But we do have our sights set on other games as well.
  • Where can I watch your streams?
    Right now we have our stream ChaosKingTru who streams on YouTube. We will be looking for additional content creators in the future.
  • Will your team ever play other games?
    Yes. We have our eyes on a few games. Once we are sure we want to jump into the frey post will go out for tryouts and all other needed information.
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